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Sightseeing Individual – Historical Events in Berlin

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Learn about Berlin´s History in Seven Multimedia Sightseeing Tours

Each tour will take you on a trip of various hours with stops along the way to visit important historical places. Feel free to combine the individual tours in order to match your guests different fields of interest.

Tour Overview:

Berlin – The Present and The Past

The Classical Tour For Visitors Familiar with Berlin.

This sightseeing tour will bring your memories back:
• The wall with its border patrol
• Checkpoint Charlie and allied military parades
• The Reichstag without its dome and free politics

But even connoisseurs of Berlin´s will find new details:
What was the square at the Brandenburg Gate like before WWII?
And how about the Church of Remembrance prior to its destruction?

The Cold War

The division of Berlin and the role of the West:
• Julius D. Clay
• Tempelhof Airport and the airlift operation
• The 1961 military stand-off
• Allied military parades, barracks, Allied cementaries
• Two Soviet memorials in town
• The political parades organized by the Communist Party
• Pre-fab buildings and disrepair
• The “Peoples Chamber” in the “Palace of the Republic”

People Who Made Berlin

The Hohenzollern Royal Family
Friedrich I., Sophie-Charlotte, Friedrich der Große, Wilhelm I, Wilhelm II

The Geniuses
Leibnitz, Sauerbruch, Virchow, Hegel, Koch, Planck, Einstein

The Entrepreuneurs
Von Siemens, Rathenau, Borsig

The Politicians
Bismarck, Goebbels, Hitler, Stalin, Ulbrich, Kennedy, Dutschke, Gaus, Brandt

The Artists
Hoffmann, Schinkel, Liebermann, Dietrich, Brecht, Weill, Müller

Introduction to The Rich Heratage of Berlin Museums

On this tour, you will drive past a multitude of museums and get a multimedia introduction of the main pieces:
• The Egyptian Museum
• The Collection of Antiquities
• The Jewish Museum
• The Dahlem Museum of Anthopology
• The Pergamon Museum
• The Old National Gallery
• The Helmut Newton Foundation of Photography
• The Charlottenburg Palace
• The Berggruen Collection
• The Museum on Traffic and Technology
• The reconstruction project for the Royal City Palace

Jewish Berlin

• Prussian tolerance and waves of immigration
• German-Jewish cultural life of the 19th century
• The Foundation of the Reich and Anti-Judaism
• The first half of the 20th century: hopeful beginning, terrible outcome
• Standstill after 1945
• The 1990s: an new wave of migration and a cautious new start
• The Memorial for The Murdered Jews of Europe
• The Jewish Museum

A complete review (incl. interiors)

The New Embassies
• Egypt
• United Arab Emirates
• Mexico
• Israel
• Kuwait
• Nordic Countries
• Japan
• Italy

Paris Square
• The Adlon Hotel
• Academy of Fine Arts
• DZ Bank
• US Embassy
• Liebermann Building

Potsdam Square and the new Government District

Faschism and Communism in Berlin

• Hitler´s election campaigns
• The Reichs Chancellery and the Fuhrerbunker
• Blueprints for Germania and the Nazi government district
• The Radio – Goebbels best propaganda tool
• World War II: bunkers and bombs in Berlin
• Two Soviet Memorials
• The government district of the Communist period
• SED, FDJ, the obidient parties and their marches


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